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See Today in the Lens of Tomorrow

Turn Patterns Into Predictions, and Predictions Into Profits

Drive impactful strategic decisions based on real-time data and customer context built on advanced generative AI.


We help you turn patterns into predictions and predictions into profits.

The tools of yesterday will leave you and your business stuck in the past. But Quid's got your back, translating billions of consumer and market data points into next-level trend prediction.

Take a Peek at the Possibilities

Bite-sized insights into the topics and trends you should be keeping an eye on based on 42 million online conversations in the last 12 months.

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Connect the Dots


Spot key topics and their relationships to each other.

See how your brand fits in the larger conversation, and identify whitespace opportunities to capture a larger segment of your market. 

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Prioritize Trends


So many topics, so little time.

The talk of the town today, may not be tomorrow. See how the top 10 topics are trending to keep your message fresh and anticipate what's coming next

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Gen AI in Focus: How is it shaping your everyday life?


April 25, 2024   |   12:00 PM EST - 12:45 PM EST     |     Online

How is Gen AI impacting your day to day? Learn and speak with other Industry Experts on how they're implementing Gen AI.

This conversation, led by Quid's Head of Product and Senior Director of Innovation, will showcase the value of Gen AI, as well as impactful ways it can affect your work. Hear real-life use cases that apply to any line of business and see Quid in action.

Space is limited, save your seat to this discussion now before spots fill up.

Bring your questions and have a pen & paper ready for this insightful and informative 45 min discussion. 

Save your seat now!

Consumer and market intelligence solutions tailored to your business needs

Powered by advanced AI, Quid empowers you to unify your organization's customer context efforts seamlessly. 

  • Consumer Insights

    Helps you fully understand consumer behaviors to innovate in products, services, or marketing.  Keep up to speed with your consumers by collecting live, real-time data from across the globe.

  • Data Science

    Get real-time consumer and market data integrated with your business intelligence systems for smarter decision-making.

  • Customer Experience

    Unearth your customers' most important needs and expectations to craft a personalized experience that stands out from the crowd.
  • Marketing

    Your Strategic Advantage in Data-Driven Marketing. The platform for end-to-end marketing insights, predictive trend analysis, and data-backed decision-making.

  • Agencies

    Illustrate your agency’s expertise by quickly developing data-driven pitches, whether it's demonstrating knowledge of a clients business, diving deeper into a market and competitive landscape, or developing a unique marketing strategy.  

  • Communications 

    Deep Insights and Real-Time Alerts. Proactively respond to a crisis by being alerted in real time. You can quickly analyze signals from consumers or the market, and understand the impact so you can always have the right response.  

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