Illuminate your data.
Boost efficiency by over 50%.

Quid isn't playing the game. It's changing it.  


Proven enterprise-wide by the world’s most valuable brands

  • Louis Vuitton
  • Lufthansa
  • Nasa
  • Loreal
  • GoPuff

Discover the AI brain powering the

Quid Unified Context Platform

Give businesses the unmatched accuracy, transparency, and consistency they need to stay ahead of the curve.  


Enter a new era with Quid AI

Move beyond outdated tools and costly, time-consuming service-based projects. Embrace an AI-powered engine with comprehensive context analytics you can trust for unmatched productivity and efficiency.  

Supercharge efficiency

Automatically surface key ideas and context from your data, providing objective, insightful, and reliable insights. 

"Quid's AI roadmap leads the digital intelligence space. Within a few months, we expect Quid’s new functionality will enable our analysts to achieve insights 50% faster, which will significantly enhance our client services and transform our approach to digital intelligence."

Bradley Engle – Managing Director, Digital Transformation & Campaign Innovation - Purple Strategies



Quid AI pulls key themes and provides additional context, enhancing our market understanding.

Fortune 100 Global Beverage Company

Quid AI gives us a quick data read on the summary, sentiment, and examples – without spending too much time dissecting the keywords, snippets, and article headlines

Top 10 Insurance Carrier

Quid AI expedites my process tenfold, making it easier to explain what exists within the cluster, and the sentiments to get better insights.

Top Communications and Integrated Marketing Agency

Know what's right for you

AI that illuminates, never hallucinates, leveraging decades of data and AI expertise. 

Paradigm Shift

Move beyond expired on deliver service - based projects.

User-Friendly AI

Empower your team with tools that evolve with your needs, making every user an AI user.

Immediate Insights

Speed up time-to-insight to stay agile in dynamic markets.

Predictive Power

Utilize advanced predictive analytics for foresight and strategic planning.

Holistic Customer Context

Gain actionable insights from all your data sources, public and private.

Advanced Analytics

Identify major trends and subtle signals, while maintaining a balanced perspective.

Trusted AI Expertise

Depend on reliable insights from AI combined with decades of expertise.

Supercharged Productivity

Enhance efficiency with tools that streamline data analysis.

2X Your Productivity. Supercharge your team.


Holistic customer context in real time

See every data point imaginable, including quantitative and qualitative data, public and owned, to gain a comprehensive view of your customer and market.

Decrease time to insights

Quickly gain context and analyze content, significantly reducing time to insights.

Paradigm Shift

Move beyond outdated tools and embrace a comprehensive context analytics engine for unmatched productivity and efficiency.


Your Strategic Advantage in Data-Driven Marketing. The platform for end-to-end marketing insights, predictive trend analysis, and data-backed decision-making.

Consumer Insights

Helps you fully understand consumer behaviors to innovate in products, services, or marketing. Keep up to speed with your consumers by collecting live, real-time data from across the globe.

Data Science

Get real-time consumer and market data integrated with your business intelligence systems for smarter decision-making.

Customer Experience

Unearth your customers' most important needs and expectations to craft a personalized experience that stands out from the crowd.


Illustrate your agency’s expertise by quickly developing data-driven pitches, whether it's demonstrating knowledge of a client’s business, diving deeper into a market and competitive landscape, or developing a unique marketing strategy.


Deep Insights and Real-Time Alerts.

Proactively respond to a crisis by being alerted in real time. You can quickly analyze signals from consumers or the market, and understand the impact so you can always have the right response.