From Courtside to Insights: Unveiling the Hottest March Madness Trends!

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March Madness is coming around the corner and, like the Super Bowl, we’re tracking the conversations and coverage surrounding every team, buzzer beater, and upset throughout the madness.  

Instead of giving you updates on the winners—because you can use our friends over at ESPN for that—we’re giving you the data behind the buzz.  You’ll see which teams and players are causing the greatest stir online. Will it be the winners who reign supreme on digital channels or the underdogs? The answers are coming soon!  

But to be clear, let’s explain how this will work. Once the official bracket is released, Quid will start tracking the 64 teams that are all fighting to be the last one standing. Then, as the anticipation for the first-round games begin, so will the online chatter. So, make sure to bookmark this page (to choose your upset picks) and hit that refresh button because Quid will be tracking every team to see which fan base is bringing the noise beyond the stadium. For the first week of the tournament, Quid will be sharing daily (yes, daily) updates on the social buzz and which teams are leading the online discussion. From there, we’ll keep you in the loop about the next updates until the final.  

Let the madness begin!  

Our Methodology:  

As March Madness kicks off, we will be actively tracking the online excitement around each of the 64 teams. We’ve created a custom “Fandom” score to rank the teams based on their tournament buzz. This score factors in metrics like volume of posts, engagement, sentiment, and passion intensity. As the games progress, the score will refresh automatically, capturing the evolving narrative for each team and providing a continuously updated ranking.  


Here are a few terms you'll need to know as you read the dashboard. 



Fandom Score 

A custom Quid score, that accounts for which team has the highest volume of posts, engagement, net sentiment, and overall passion.   


Calculates the volume of posts per team, player, etc.  


Records which posts have the most likes, reposts, and comments.  

Net Sentiment 

Tracks if the conversations surrounding a team are mainly positive or negative.  


Tracks how strongly fans feel about a team by tracking the use of words like love or hate.



Update: March 21, 2024 

Quid's Official Starter Bracket

See our picks for who will win the Fandom Score! 

March Madness Bracket Screenshot


Update: March 21, 2024 

The Underdogs Take the Lead

The March Madness Sweet 16 showdown is just days away and the Tennessee Volunteers, Wagner Seahawks, Duquesne Dukes, Charleston Cougars, and Baylor Bears are claiming the top spots for the highest Fandom Score! If this lineup has you scratching your head, we’ll break it down for you. Even though most of these teams have been eliminated from the championship, their fans are still driving the buzz online and pushing their fandom score even higher than the tournament winners.    

Screenshot 2024-03-25 at 4.52.19 PM

During Sunday’s games fan intensity didn’t just rock the stadiums, it rocked our timelines as well. A good example is Baylor’s (3) loss to Clemson (6) which really had people talking, landing them a passion score of 96. So far, the underdogs are winning the social game but the winners on the court still have time to make a comeback online.  

Check out the full dashboard to see how much buzz your team is generating.