The Untapped Power of Customer Insights

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“Truly predictive analytics are necessary to identify the trends that will guide the future.” 
- Adweek, The Untapped Power of Customer Insights
Adweek recently dug into the challenges marketers face with capturing and analyzing consumer and market intelligence data. Top challenges include difficulty understanding the insights generated, lack of real-time insights, and inaccurate customer data and insights. All this makes it hard for them to focus on customer context in their marketing campaigns.  

These challenges are not unique to marketing. Communications, customer experience, and analytics professionals also need accurate and relevant insights to make better data-driven decisions. 

The report suggests several ways companies can improve consumer and market intelligence, including using newer research tools and methodologies, especially those powered by Generative AI.  

Quid helps companies quickly understand and take advantage of consumer and market insights to produce better and more relevant strategies.