Known for its diverse portfolio of brands, global food and industry leader, PepsiCo, focuses on identifying emerging consumer trends to connect with new audiences. As part of this focus, the organization sought to analyze data and insights to drive business decisions for its Quaker Grits brand.

Case study - PepsiCo

“The custom data upload tool really helps us filter through and find insights around ten thousand verbatims and direct contacts. Reading each of those individual direct contacts' emails and phone transcriptions one by one would take months of work, but Quid's natural language processing does its magic, builds those clusters, and brings those insights to the forefront in just a few minutes.”

Sydney Perotti | Communications Analyst, PepsiCo


In recent years, PepsiCo has been actively redefining its identity to align with evolving consumer preferences, which requires staying in tune with shifting trends. But in a world of endless data points, this is no small task.

Before integrating Quid into its operations, PepsiCo faced the challenge of sifting through emerging consumer context and cultural trends in a sea of potential insights. More specifically, it wanted to identify opportunities for its Quaker Grits brand in an extremely competitive breakfast market.


PepsiCo explored various options but found that Quid's unique capabilities provided a distinct advantage, particularly its access to billions of news and blog sources. And its ability to upload and analyze massive quantities of data in real-time, combined with a user-friendly interface.

Quid’s timeline feature quickly revealed the evolution of various trends, and it filtered data sources based on reader attributes. Quid’s monitoring capabilities also ensured that PepsiCo didn't fall behind on specific food and beverage trends and helped it uncover insights that are easily missed in vast quantities of data.


PepsiCo leveraged Quid’s vast data sources to gain insights into cultural trends. This led to discovering an exciting opportunity at the Jekyll Island Shrimp & Grits Festival in Georgia—and uncovered a passionate foodie culture around grits. PepsiCo’s corporate sponsorship of the event engaged festival-goers with activations and experiential booths that significantly enhanced Quaker Grits' social activity.

PepsiCo also showcased a new flavor of grits at the festival, which saved the costs of creating a promotional campaign. It gave festival attendees trial offers and sample giveaways and provided free products, placing the new flavor into consumers' households, encouraging them to buy it again.


  • 50%

    increase in social activity for Quaker Grits

  • 15%

    increase in direct contacts related to Quaker Grits products

  • ⬇️

    Cut months of manual work on analysis and campaign development