Boston Consulting Group

The Boston Consulting Group (BCG) is a renowned global strategy consulting firm headquartered in Boston, Massachusetts, that has made headlines with its innovative approaches to industry challenges. It has a global presence and a strong commitment to helping clients shape their strategies for growth. However, like many in the consulting industry, they face the ongoing challenge of staying ahead in a rapidly evolving business environment.

Case study - BCG

“One of the aspects we find particularly valuable is the ability to compare a company's actions with those of its competitors. We can analyze competitors' investments and strategies to provide a clear picture of how a company measures up in its industry. Quid is instrumental in giving us a forward-looking view of trends and investments.”

Michael Wallin | Project Leader, BCG


Companies want to understand the values that people associate with their brand, and real-world inquiries often reveal jarring intel, so data-backed insight is essential. BCG needed to understand industry trends and consumer sentiment deeply and accurately and then communicate this to clients distracted by online noise and, often, assumptions.

For example, the company sought to identify what people were talking about and what topics were most prevalent in the ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) space and other avenues BCG clients were pursuing and considering for investments.


BCG sought a solution that could deliver a cutting-edge level of analysis to reveal what consumers were saying about a brand. It explored various options, but Quid’s access to extensive consumer context and market intelligence data provided a distinct advantage.

Its real-time data analysis and ability to uncover prevalent topics and sentiments aligned perfectly with BCG's goal of delivering factual and actionable insights to its clients to enhance their brand reputation.

Quid helped the BCG team with several different use cases, such as finding industry trends, understanding ESG topics, venture capitalist investments, startup opportunities, M&A scouting, competitive insights, and more.


BCG leveraged Quid’s vast data sources to address multiple use cases. The company helped clients navigate the changing business landscape thanks to emerging trend identification and aligned business values with consumer ESG expectations.

Quid's real-time data analysis played a crucial role in tech scouting, helping BCG identify promising startups and technologies for its clients and gain a competitive edge by analyzing competitors' investments and strategies. It provided a comprehensive view of the industry landscape and where venture capital was being allocated.


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    Data-backed insights that support strategic decisions and investments

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    In-depth competitor analysis and tech scouting for a stronger positioning

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    Identified emerging trends and enhanced growth strategies