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Quid Event Series | Happy Hour Los Angeles

Staying ahead of consumer trends with predictive insights

MAY 2, 2024 | 6 PM - 9 PM | Cecconi's West Hollywood, CA

Ready to discover the groundbreaking impact of Generative AI on consumer and market intelligence?

Join us in the Los Angeles area for an executive networking event. Discover how leading companies leverage predictive consumer analytics to stay ahead of their competition, anticipate consumer trends, and navigate market shifts.

Enjoy cocktails and hors d'oeuvres and walk away with actionable insights to sharpen your company's competitive edge.


When: May 2, 2024 from 6PM PST - 9PM PST
Location: Cecconi's West Hollywood (Soho House)

Results speak for themselves - see how customers harness the power of Quid:



  • Agencies

    H-Advisors Abernathy relies on Quid as a strategic communications partner. Watch how they share more on how Quid transcends its origins as a marketing tool, becoming an indispensable ally in deciphering complex business challenges for the agency's client base.

  • Data Science

    “We wanted to have a tool that was flexible enough to take inputs from around the agency and make decisions based on shifting priorities.”

    Ken Wright | Office of Technology Policy and Strategy Representative, NASA
  • Communications 

    Greg Creed, former CEO of Yum! Brands reveals how Quid revolutionized Taco Bell's brand and became a cornerstone for fostering cross-departmental collaboration and driving organizational triumph.

  • Marketing

    Quid has significantly streamlined my job. From a dynamic standpoint, it allows us to create networks and identify areas of interest that can be easily adjusted on short notice, providing different insights with the same visualization."

    Lauren Leahy | Social Intelligence Analyst, Paramount Global
  • Consumer Insights

    "Our research with Quid has given us valuable insights into consumer behavior and quantifiable data regarding conversations on various subject matters and product claims. This has enabled us to intelligently develop new products and flavors to expand our portfolio. And the result was a remarkable 138% increase in sales.”

    Andy Moeck | Vice President of Marketing and Innovation, StarKist

  • Customer Experience

    For GoPuff to maintain their rank, Sara Fogel, Director of Consumer Engagement, turned to Quid to better understand and anticipate the needs of their expanding global audience through unbiased data.